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Crafting Monkey for DAoC

This program is a crafting aid for the popular MMORPG, Dark Age of Camelot, by Mythic Entertainment, Inc. Instead of spending countless hours staring at the crafting progress bar slowly move across the screen, you can now brake free from the completely boring, mind numbing and frustrating task of crafting. Several options are included to optimize your crafting time and prevent you from accidentally crafting hundreds of grey-con items, wasting time and money. Some of the features include:

  • Quality Check. If the item your are crafting meets or exceeds the quality you specify, it will automatically stop crafting. Makes life much easier when trying to craft those MP (100% quality) items.
  • Trade Skill Check. Once the programs sees that your char has met or exceeded the level in trade skill of your choosing, it will stop crafting that item as not to waste materials and precious gold.
  • Automatic Salvaging. Though this requires some tricky and precise configuration this can be an extremely efficient way to maximize your material vs skill gain yield.
  • Multiple Items. Trinket multiple items, or craft multiple items for crafts such as Weapon Crafting.
  • Automatically Log. Once your craft or quality has been met, or your char runs out of material, you can optionally have the program automatically log your char out of the game.

Macro programs, such as this one are strictly prohibited by Mythic and should, under no circumstances, be used. If you decide to use this program, you assume all responsibility for any and all actions Mythic may or may not take against you for using this program. In other words, if you get caught, don't come crying to me!

Click here to read the online help file, that should answer any questions you may have. Also feel free to visit the Crafting Monkey Support Forum for additional help.




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